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2020 Curriculum Units Vol 8: Black Girl Magic (Mis)Understood: Representations and Perceptions of Black Women and Girls in the Education System

“Little Women”: Eradicating the Adultification of Black Girls

Shawnna Miller, Pre-K, Winget Park Elementary

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


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2018 Curriculum Units Vol 2: It's About Time

Who is Father Time? Introducing Time as a Character In The Night Circus

Amanda Soesbee, English, North Mecklenburg High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


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2015 Vol 5: Peace Education: Psychological Factors that Endorse War

What it means to be an Ender: A Study in the Duality of War

Megan C. Shellenberger, William Amos Hough High School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)

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