Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicant must teach students full-time in a CMS school.
  2. Applicant must intend to continue teaching in CMS.
  3. Applicants must commit to full participation as defined by the requirements in the Application, including attendance at all seminars and completion of the Curriculum Unit.
  4. Applicant must teach courses that relate closely to the seminar topic.
  5. Applicant must demonstrate the ability to write a meaningful and coherent Curriculum Unit.
  6. Applicant’s proposed Curriculum Unit must align with district standards and school plans so it may be taught in a sustained way.
  7. Application requires approval by the applicant’s school principal.
  8. Application must be submitted on time.

When writing the Curriculum Unit essay on the application, the following are considered by the reviewers:

• The curriculum unit essay is well written.
• The curriculum unit essay is directly related to the courses the applicant teaches.
• The curriculum unit essay relates to the seminar as described by the seminar leader.
• The curriculum unit essay demonstrates a clear plan to develop a curriculum unit.
• The curriculum unit essay demonstrates creativity and originality.