2017 CTI Fellows List

CTI Seminar Leaders and Coordinators are italicized

Using Mathematics to Understand Social Issues

Seminar Leader: Anthony Fernandes, Mathematics and Statistics, UNC Charlotte

Seminar Coordinator: Rima Solh, Math, Southwest Middle School

  • Jeffrey Barnes, Math, Rocky River HS
  • Antowanna Carpenter, CTE/Business, Butler HS
  • Emiko Furuya, Fifth Grade, Waddell Language Academy
  • Katelyn Gardepe, Fifth Grade, Selwyn ES
  • Camay Hunter, Math, West Charlotte HS
  • Gwendalyn Iversen, Second Grade, Winding Springs ES
  • Paige Laurain, Math, West Charlotte HS
  • Kelly McManus, Math, Martin Luther King, Jr. MS
  • Vertina Rhim, Math, Whitewater MS
  • Jimi’ E. Rogers, Kindergarten, Nations Ford ES

Media and Minorities: Unpacking Stereotypes

Seminar Leader: Debra C. Smith, Africana Studies, UNC Charlotte

Seminar Coordinator: Franchone Bey, English, West Charlotte High School

  • Eli Davis, Special Education, Lincoln Heights Academy
  • Audrey Dorante, History, East Mecklenburg HS
  • DeNise Gerst, Science, Barringer Academic Center
  • Mic Hamrick, Kindergarten, E.E. Waddell Language Academy
  • Shanique Lee, English, North Mecklenburg HS
  • Marielle Matheus, Third Grade, Irwin Academic Center
  • Latonda Mitchell, Second Grade, Mountain Island Lake Academy
  • Liza Quinn, Literacy, E.E. Waddell Language Academy
  • Kim Scouller  Second Grade Barringer Academic Center
  • Annette Teasdell, English/ History, North Mecklenburg HS
  • Torie Wheatley, English, North Mecklenburg HS

Chemical Interactions in the Body

Seminar Leader: Erland Stevens, Chemistry, Davidson College

Seminar Coordinator: Kassie Calvo, Chemistry, W.A. Hough High School

  • Morgan Andrews, Psychology, W.A. Hough HS
  • Kathleen Butler, Dance, South Charlotte MS
  • Phil Carver, Science, James Martin MS
  • Mariella Fernandes, ESL, Whitewater MS
  • Monica High, Science, Hawthorne Academy
  • Kari Rhoades, Biomedical Sciences, Mallard Creek HS
  • Jackie Smith, Forensic Science, W.A. Hough HS
  • Nicole Sparrow, English, Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences
  • Josh Trujillo, Science, W.A. Hough HS
  • Erika Williams, Biomedical Science, Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology

Memorials, Memories, and American Identity  (meets at the Levine Museum of the New South)

Seminar Leader:  Emily Makas, Architectural and Urban History, UNC Charlotte

Seminar Coordinator: Wendy Potter, Apparel Production, Butler High School

  • Nicole Boyd, Fifth Grade, Dilworth ES
  • Rhonda Doe, Kindergarten, Barringer Academic Center
  • Yasmin Forbes, African American Studies, West Mecklenburg HS
  • Tracy Kennedy, Fourth Grade/Japanese, E.E. Waddell Language Academy
  • Deanna Kurtz, Civics/Economics, South Mecklenburg HS
  • Eboné Lockett, English, Cato Middle College HS
  • Megan McGee, Language Arts, McClintock MS
  • Ted Miracle, Fourth Grade, Endhaven ES
  • Alicia Olmeda, ESL , Coulwood STEM Academy
  • Beth Owens, Visual Art, Reedy Creek ES
  • Jaclyn Peterson, Fifth Grade, David Cox Road ES
  • Lecia Shockley, Third Grade, Selwyn ES

Doing Science: Hands-On Learning in the Laboratory

Seminar Leader: Susan Trammell, Physics and Optical Science, UNC Charlotte

Seminar Coordinator: Amy Thomas, First Grade, Reedy Creek Elementary School

  • Scott Balay, Science, E.E. Waddell Language Academy
  • Geneva Bell, Science, James Martin MS
  • Tracie Cooper, Science, Hidden Valley ES
  • Michelle Faggert, Science, Martin Luther King, Jr. MS
  • Katrina Gordon, Second Grade, Selwyn ES
  • Namrata Gupta, Science, Nations Ford ES
  • Curtis Overton, Technology/Design, West Mecklenburg HS
  • Zachary Sanford, Science, W.A. Hough HS
  • Meg Shuman, Fourth Grade, Barringer Academic Center
  • Jessica Silva, Science Lab, Rama Road ES
  • Victoria Woods, Science, Independence HS

Cultivating Visual Literacy

Seminar Leader: Maggie McCarthy, German Studies and Film, Davidson College

Seminar Coordinator: Deena Aglialoro, Language Arts, South Mecklenburg HS

  • Kate Allen, Visual Art, W.A. Hough HS
  • Michele Lemere, English, Garinger HS
  • Kim Mayes, Science, Cochrane Collegiate Academy
  • Erin Murray, TD/Catalyst Hornets Nest & Statesville RD ES
  • Justin Pierce, Visual Art, W.A. Hough HS
  • Emily Steib, Second Grade, Hidden Valley ES
  • Emily Woods, Fourth Grade, Barringer Academic Center
  • Amanda Soesbee, English, North Mecklenburg HS
  • Jessica Young, Second Grade, Davidson ES

The Rise (and Fall) of Democracies around the World

Seminar Leader: Shelley Rigger, Political Science, Davidson College

Seminar Coordinator: Amy Strong Pasko, International Programs Coordinator, North Learning Community 

  • Brad Baker , U.S. History, W.A. Hough HS
  • Raymond Beamon, World History, West Mecklenburg HS
  • Arianna Bonner, Social Studies, Martin Luther King, Jr. MS
  • Mawuena Dabla-Egui, French, Harding University HS
  • Mayra Garcia, Spanish, W.A. Hough HS
  • M. Bassam Halaweh, Arabic, Hawthorne Health Sciences
  • Lisa Modrow, Social Studies, Bailey MS
  • Christa Rawald, Social Studies, Ranson MS
  • Michael Richards, World History, Bailey MS
  • Lynn Roach, Economics, Harding University HS
  • Roshan Varghese, History, Butler HS

From Self to Students: Canvassing Art to Explore Identity  (meets at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art)

Seminar Leaders: Adriana L. Medina, Reading & Elementary Education, UNC Charlotte, and Christopher Lawing, Vice President, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

Seminar Coordinator: Amethyst Klein, STEAM, University Park Creative Arts School

  • Carla Aaron-Lopez, Visual Art, Whitewater MS
  • Liz Allard, Science, Cochrane Collegiate Academy
  • Emily Burrell, Math, Piedmont Open IB MS
  • Nicholas Gattis, Band, Carmel MS
  • Mary Draper Hager, Second Grade, Selwyn ES
  • Natalie Jones, Visual Art, West Charlotte HS
  • Jaianna McCants, Visual Art, North Mecklenburg HS
  • Marjorie O’Shea, Visual Art, W.A. Hough HS
  • Mindy Passe, Fifth Grade, Barringer Academic Center
  • Laura Steffy, Visual Art, North Mecklenburg HS
  • Andy Wertz, English/Film, Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology