2023 CTI Fellows

The 2023 CTI Fellows will be listed here grouped by their seminar in April 2023 shortly after the Fellows are selected by the CTI Admissions Committee (made up entirely of CMS teachers). Click on the seminar title to go to the seminar page to read the description written by the Seminar Leader, as well as the short video of the Seminar Leader introducing themselves and sharing a bit more about their seminar.

The Graphic Novel

Seminar Leader:  Alan Rauch, Ph.D., English, UNC Charlotte
Coordinator: Wendy Mueller, 6th Grade Reading, Whitewater Middle School

  • LaShonda Alexander, AVID, Wilson STEM Academy
  • Dalton Cooper, Math, East Mecklenburg High
  • Kimberly Courtlandt, English, Merancas Middle College High
  • Bethelehem Feleke, Spanish/French, Harding University High
  • Jermaine Gardner, English, Myers Park High
  • Tam Hawk, Social Studies, Albemarle Road Middle
  • Matt Kelly, Spanish, Independence High
  • Tracey McKernan, Visual Art, South Pine Academy
  • Pam Shembo, 5th Grade, S.A.I.L.


Race, History, Change, and Social Activism: Baseball’s Impact on America

Seminar Leader: Erin DiCesare, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Studies, Johnson C. Smith University
Coordinator: Andrew Bartkowiak, History, East Mecklenburg High School

  • Jazmyne Capel, 3rd Grade, Billingsville-Cotswold Elementary
  • Floyd Carroll, Social Studies, Independence High
  • Lusette Humprehy, ELA, Whitewater Middle
  • Genitia Johnson, 1st Grade, Huntingtowne Farms Elementary
  • Mary McElhaney, Social Studies, Mountain Island Lake Academy
  • Shannon McFarland, ELA, Alexander Graham Middle
  • Thomas Murphy, CTE, Rocky River High
  • Tim Wells, Social Studies, Alexander Graham Middle


All Roads of Thought Run Through Oz: Teaching Any Topic using the Wizard of Oz

Seminar Leader:  Dina Massachi, M.A., UNC Charlotte
Coordinator: Jashonai Payne, 4th Grade, Clear Creek Elementary School

  • Shundra Allison, English, Myers Park High
  • Tam Babulski, World History, Independence High
  • Liz Cochrane, Multilingual Learners, Cochrane Collegiate Academy
  • Debbie Gresham, Dance, Bradley Middle
  • Marian Myers, CTE, Northridge Middle
  • Lynne Wiesecke, Multilingual Learners, Albemarle Road Elementary


A Freshwater Splash: Urban Stream Ecology and Biodiversity

Seminar Leader:  Sandra Clinton, Ph.D., Geography and Earth Sciences, UNC Charlotte
Coordinator: Vashti Mosby, Science, Northridge Middle School

  • Jackie Balmas, 5th Grade, Clear Creek Elementary
  • LaTonya Bartell, Exceptional Children, Butler High
  • Krystal Dehaney, Science, Wilson STEM Academy
  • Miyoshi Foushee, Science, Randolph Middle
  • Wyounda Horton, ELA, Druid Hills Academy
  • Beth Kerr, 1st Grade, Bain Elementary
  • Zach Sanford, Exceptional Children, Hough High


The Importance of Repetition: Dance and Culture

Seminar Leader: Kaus Sarkar, Ph.D., Dance, UNC Charlotte
Coordinator:  Mila Ugueto, Spanish, Olympic High School

  • Jackie Dunbar, Multilingual Learners, Harding University High and Chambers High
  • Mariella Fernandes, Multilingual Learners, J.M. Robinson Middle
  • Imee Idjao, 3rd Grade, Villa Heights Elementary
  • Daltonesha Miller, Math, Ranson Middle
  • Julia O’Connor, 5th Grade, Merry Oaks Academy
  • Carolina Orostegui, 1st Grade, Starmount Academy
  • Angelica Rodriguez, Multilingual Learners, Whitewater MS
  • Dawn Young, French, East Mecklenburg High


Reflection and Its Role in our Cycle of Continuous Improvement

Seminar Leader: Cheryl Curtis, Ed.D., Student Affairs, Johnson C. Smith University
Coordinator: Debbie Kennedy, African American Studies, Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology

  • Tressa Blake, CTE, East Mecklenburg High
  • Jason Dhanapalan, US History, Garinger High
  • Dominic Dial, Math, Cochrane Collegiate Academy
  • Taja Hough, AVID, Cochrane Collegiate Academy
  • Mahogony King, 4th Grade, Newell Elementary
  • Alexandria Pena, Kindergarten, Windsor Park Elementary
  • Anna Walker, Pre-Kindergarten, Lake Wylie Elementary


Creating a Balanced and Equitable Learning Culture

Seminar Leader: Kendra Jason, Ph.D., Sociology, UNC Charlotte
Coordinator: Monique Hall, 4th Grade, Devonshire Elementary School

  • Shanita Carter, Exceptional Children, Butler High
  • Danell Cooper, 1st Grade, Merry Oaks Academy
  • Bethine Dempsey, Health Education, Northridge Middle
  • Sara Herrera-Dandridge, Dean of Students, Northridge Middle School
  • Karen Kyei-Fordjour, CTE, Hough High
  • Zsa Zsa Laing, English, East Mecklenburg High
  • Stephanie Squires, Multilingual Learners, Druid Hills Academy


It Takes a Candidate: Women in Politics

Seminar Leader:  Helen King, Ph.D., Political Science, Johnson C. Smith University
Coordinator: Janice Sutton, History and Government, Independence High School

  • Toni Cruickshank, 4th Grade, Rea Farms STEAM Academy
  • Josie Peplinski, U.S. History, Providence High
  • Jacyln Peterson, 2nd Grade, David Cox Road Elementary
  • Jackie Smith, Science, Hough High
  • Iliana Sradkova-Strawn, History, Independence High
  • Pia Townes, Science, Harding University High