2018 CTI Fellows List

 The Art and Chemistry of Light (meets at UNC Charlotte)

Leader:  Tom Schmedake, Chemistry, UNC Charlotte

Coordinator:  Michelle Faggert, Martin Luther King Middle

  • Geneva Bell, James Martin Middle
  • Helen Davis, Martin Luther King Middle
  • Mary Hughes, Military and Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis
  • Beth Kerr, Bain Elementary
  • Zachary Sanford, W.A. Hough High
  • Jackie Smith, W.A. Hough High
  • Teresa Strickland, Garinger High
  • Teresa Strohl, Barringer Academic Center
  • Josh Trujillo, W.A. Hough High
  • Erika Williams, Philip O. Berry Academy of Technology

It’s About Time (meets at Johnson C. Smith University)

Leader:  Matt DeForrest, English, Johnson C. Smith University)

Coordinator:  Liz Allard, Cochrane Collegiate Academy

  • Tamara Babulski, Independence High
  • Arianna Bonner, Martin Luther King Middle
  • Mic Hamrick, Waddell Language Academy
  • Susan Hopkins, North Mecklenburg High
  • Kim Mayes, Cochrane Collegiate Academy
  • Joshuah (Josiah) McGinnis, Philip O. Berry Academy of Technology
  • Erin Miller, Windsor Park Elementary
  • Liz Ratliff, East Mecklenburg High
  • Amanda Soesbee, North Mecklenburg High
  • Laura Staples, Hawthorne Academy of Health Science

Nurturing Nature:  Epigenetics as a Way to Explore Social Justice (meets at UNC Charlotte)

Leaders:  Adam Reitzel, Biological Sciences, UNC Charlotte; and Lenora Crabtree, Urban Education, UNC Charlotte

Coordinator:  Monica High, Cato Middle College High

  • Jeffrey Barnes, Rocky River High
  • Phil Carver, James Martin Middle
  • Davisha Covington, Military and Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis
  • Eli Davis, Lincoln Heights Academy
  • Namrata Gupta, Nations Ford Elementary
  • Martha Gwinn, Harding University High
  • Shauna McCarthy Howell, Starmount Elementary
  • Tiara Mahoney Paulino, Ranson Middle
  • Vicky Natland, Garinger High
  • Caroline Wallace, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle

Writing about Our Lives:  A Genre Study of Memoir (meets at UNC Charlotte)

Leader:  Brian Kissel, Reading and Elementary Education, UNC Charlotte

Coordinator:  Jessica Young, Davidson Elementary

  • Priscilla Anderson, James Martin Middle
  • Janella Booker, Waddell Language Academy
  • Meagan Boozer, River Gate Elementary
  • Christy Calloway, North Mecklenburg High
  • Olga Cancino, Ardrey Kelly High
  • Mawuena Dabla, Harding University High
  • Meghan Felix, Oakhurst STEAM Academy
  • Dahleesia Johnson, Sterling Elementary
  • Megan Koransky, Joseph W. Grier Academy (K-5)
  • Latonda Mitchell, Mountain Island Lake Academy
  • Mindy Passe, Barringer Academic Center
  • Meg Shuman, Barringer Academic Center

Exploring American Sacred Values (meets at Johnson C. Smith University)

Leader:  Kip Mobley, Religion, Johnson C. Smith University

Coordinator:  Franchone Bey, West Charlotte High

  • Deborah Brown, Vance High
  • Veronica Hall, Cochrane Collegiate Academy
  • Tracy Kennedy, E.E. Waddell Language Academy
  • Deanna Kurtz, South Mecklenburg High
  • Benjamin Lyall, North Mecklenburg High
  • Jaci Peterson, David Cox Road Elementary
  • Ryan Steele, Mallard Creek High
  • Pia Townes, Wilson STEM Academy
  • William Wade, Martin Luther King Middle

“A Person’s a Person No Matter How Small”:  Teaching Human Rights (meets at Johnson C. Smith University)

Leader:  Sarah Minslow, English, UNC Charlotte

Coordinator:  Carla Aaron-Lopez, Whitewater Middle

  • James Berkman, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle
  • Melinda Brewer, Coulwood Middle
  • Sanassa Burnett, Albemarle Road Middle
  • Katelyn Gardepe, Selwyn Elementary
  • Nate Golden, Northridge Middle
  • Melanie Jolley, Windsor Park Elementary
  • Tina Jones-McDow, Rocky River High
  • Amanda Lam, McClintock Middle
  • Pam Shembo, E.E. Waddell Language Academy
  • Todd Statome, East Mecklenburg High
  • Kadijah Ward, Thomasboro Academy

Insights into Latino Communities in Charlotte Today (meeting at UNC Charlotte)

Leader:  Susana Cisneros, Languages and Culture Studies, UNC Charlotte

Coordinator:  Mariella Fernandes, Whitewater Middle

  • Clarissa Harris, South Mecklenburg High
  • Lacey Holmes, Garinger High
  • Tenequa Jones, Military and Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis
  • Melissa Jones, Windsor Park Elementary
  • Matt Kelly, Independence High
  • Kenan Kerr, Whitewater Middle
  • Jarvis Lamb, Ashley Park PreK-8
  • Jolane Latten, Northridge Middle
  • Merrie Smith, Winterfield Elementary

Animals, Culture, and Society (meets at Johnson C. Smith University)

Leader:  Alan Rauch, English, UNC Charlotte

Coordinator: Paige Laurain, West Charlotte High

  • Noriko Abe, E.E. Waddell Language Academy
  • Albertia Burgess, West Charlotte High
  • Christina Coriale, Piedmont Open IB Middle
  • Rianna Das, Eastway Middle
  • Jacci Fizet, Renaissance West STEAM Academy
  • Maggie Hershey-Mason, Davidson Elementary
  • Natalie Jones, West Charlotte High