Entertaining with Math

Tim Chartier, Professor of Mathematics,
Davidson College

Performing arts such as juggling, music, dance, magic, and drama can enrich the mathematics classroom.  Beyond entertaining students, such demonstrations can offer new and novel perspectives on mathematical content and engage a class in a fun, educational and interactive activity. This seminar will explore ways to demonstrate and discuss creative ways of teaching and presenting mathematics using techniques generally associated with entertainment and the performing arts.  The seminar will explore presenting in different performing styles and also using pre-recorded content available online or through DVDs.

Participating Fellows





Kia Aisha Dessaure, JM Morehead STEM Academy, Math

Kurma Murrain-Collins, West Charlotte HS, Math/ESL

Lucy Beaube, Barringer Academic Center, 1st/2nd grades

Lakesha Heath, Morgan School, Math

Courtney Pender, Elizabeth Traditional, Kindergarten

Maggie Hershey-Mason, Davidson ES, 3rd grade

Lyndsay Burns, David Cox Rd ES, 4th grade

Madalina Corneanu, Harding University HS, Math


Monica Echols, Francis Bradley MS, Math

Kristin Arko, Croft Community School, 2nd grade

Stacy Small, Bailey MS, Math