Application Essays

CTI Seminar Application Essay Questions include:

Seminar Specific Essay

The application requires a descriptive essay (250-500 words) addressing the seminar topic, for each seminar you apply to. (Note: the application system will accept only a word count of 250-500; a smaller or larger number generates an error message.)

This essay should include:

(A) How the seminar to which you are applying will increase your preparation for courses or curricular areas you are assigned to teach; and (B) How the curriculum unit you plan to write will assist you in teaching the seminar subject in your own classroom.

General Essays

The general section of the seminar application requires three brief essays:

  1. Please describe (in two to three sentences) your professional plans for the foreseeable future, including how long you intend to continue teaching in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.
  2. What is your goal for your participation in CTI in regard to your own professional development goals, and how might your CTI participation impact your students?
  3. Please describe one of the most challenging situations that you faced in your career. In your response, be sure to address the nature of the challenging situation, how you handled yourself, what happened, and what you learned. Please limit your response to 400 words.

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