Environmental Science and Climate Change

Cindy Hauser, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Davidson College

We are an integrated component of the environment and critical study of environmental issues requires an inherently interdisciplinary approach.  Fellows in this seminar will have the opportunity to explore environmental issues from the perspective that is most meaningful to them and their students while providing fundamental knowledge regarding the scientific concepts, principles, processes, and methodologies that are required to understand how ecosystems work.  We will apply this knowledge to environmental challenges of interest to the Fellows, such as climate change, to understand the scientific basis, estimate the risks associated and evaluate alternative solutions for resolving and/or preventing them.

Participating Fellows

Julie Ruziska-Tiddy, Carmel MS, Earth Science

Cindy Hauser, Davidson College, Chemistry/Environmental Science

Julie McConnell, W.A. Hough HS, Biology

Torrieann Dooley, David Cox Rd ES, 2nd grade

Wendy Kimball, Northwest School of the Arts, Earth Science

Connie Wood, East Mecklenburg HS, Biology

Rochelle Gray, East Mecklenburg HS, Biology

Marva Hutchinson, Providence HS, English

Beth Lasure, Mallard Creek HS, Art

Lucinda Supernavage, Northwest School of the Arts, Biology

Emily Abernathy, J.V. Washam ES, 3rd grade

Jennifer Sieracki, J.V. Washam ES, 5th grade

LaTanya Sanford, Cochrane Collegiate Academy, Earth Science

Deb Jung, Winding Springs ES, Media