Myths and Science

Tavia Highsmith, Science, Albemarle Road Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


The intention of this Curriculum Unit is to unite origin myths with
scientific evidence. Throughout history people have been curious about their beginnings.
By observation and experience they developed stories to explain their origins and other
phenomenon. Many experiences coincided with rituals both necessary and predictive.
The strength of these predictions resulted in perpetuation of the belief in the myth. As
time and empirical science have developed, human curiosity and desire to solve the
mysteries of life have collided with the old myths. However, now scientists follow
procedures and record empirical evidence to find answers to new and old wonderings.
Myths and Science allow the stories to speak for themselves and the science to
clarify curiosity with evidence. Students will be able to compare and contrast information
from the past and present to explore their own world of wonder. This unit brings together
culture, technology, science, language arts and social studies to examine all aspects of
how we think and learn.