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2018 Curriculum Units Vol 7: Insights into Latino Communities

Celebrating and Embracing World Wide Cultures and Traditions In Our Schools

Mariella Fernandes, English, Whitewater Middle School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


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2017 Curriculum Units Vol 7: The Rise (and Fall) of Democracies around the World

Is Democracy Still Alive in the United States?

Brad Baker , U.S. History, W.A. Hough HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)

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2017 Curriculum Units Vol 4: Memorials, Memories, and American Identity

Who am I? –Identity

Alicia Olmeda, ESL , Coulwood STEM Academy

Curriculum Units (pdf)

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2017 Curriculum Units Vol 2: Media and Minorities: Unpacking Stereotypes

The Harmful Effect the 2016 Presidential Election Has on Immigrant and English Language Learning Students

Audrey Dorante, History, East Mecklenburg HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)

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2015 Vol 7: Africa: Moving Beyond Popular Culture

Fresh off the Boat: Helping Immigrants and Non-Immigrants Unpack the Stereotypes that Affect their School Experience in America

Justine Busto, ESL, East Mecklenburg High School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)

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2012 Curriculum Units Vol 6: "All immigration is local": Exploring the New Geography of Immigration

¿Cómo son los hispanohablantes? Who are those from Spanish-speaking countries?

Brittany Head, Spanish, Jay M. Robinson Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

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