5th Grade CTI Curriculum on Types of Violence

Esther Alcamo, music teacher at Collingswood Language Academy, and 2021 CTI Fellow and Seminar Coordinator, wrote a Curriculum Unit called, “The Musical Dialogue of Peacebuilding: How Music Can Be Used as a Tool for Inner and Outer Transformation to Create Peace.”

Fifth grade music students at Collinswood Language Academy study direct, cultural and structural violence as part of a CTI Curriculum Unit written by fellow, Esther Alcamo. In this activity, used with permission from NewGen Peacebuilders, students compared scenarios involving direct and indirect violence and sorted them by category. In upcoming lessons, which integrate music and social studies standards,  students will apply their understanding of peacebuilding through creative musical compositions which will demonstrate an understanding of peace and conflict resolution. Ms. Alcamo’s curriculum unit was written during the 2021 Charlotte Teachers Institute Seminar, “Essential Peace: Innovating and Integrating Action Peacebuilding in the Classroom,” led by Patricia Shafer, Senior Fellow for Peace Education, Alliance for Peacebuilding and Executive Director for NewGenPeacebuilders.