2022 CTI Fellows

The 2022 CTI Fellows will be listed here grouped by their seminar in April 2022 shortly after the Fellows are selected by the CTI Admissions Committee (made up entirely of CMS teachers). Click on the seminar title to go to the seminar page to read the description written by the Seminar Leader, as well as the short video of the Seminar Leader introducing themselves and sharing a bit more about their seminar.

Exploring Memory and Race in America

Seminar Leader: Emily Makas, Ph.D., Architecture, UNC Charlotte
Coordinator: Amber Geckeler, ESL, Julius Chambers High School

  • Elizabeth Abel, 1st Grade, Elon Park Elementary
  • Shundra Allison, English, Myers Park High School
  • Floyd Carroll, Social Studies, Independence High
  • Tammy Hawk, 6th Grade Albemarle Road Middle
  • Shannon McFarland, 8th Grade, Graham Middle
  • Emily Rucki, Math, Garinger High
  • Janice Sutton, History, Independence High
  • Sarah Wallace, ESL, Hopewell High

Life Narratives in the Classroom and Beyond

Seminar Leader: Jasleen Kohli, Ph.D., Languages and Literature, Johnson C. Smith University
Coordinator: Tamara Babulski, Independence High School 

  • Amaya Dicker, 8th Grade ELA, Ranson IB Middle
  • Tenequa Jones, Science, West Mecklenburg High
  • Deanna Kurtz, History, South Mecklenburg High
  • Latonda Mitchell, K-5 Social Studies Specialist, CMS
  • Teresa Strohl, Visual Art, Elon Park Elementary
  • Elijah Watson, CTE, Ranson IB Middle
  • Dawn Young, French, East Mecklenburg High

Understanding the Science of Light: A Hands-on Approach to Learning with Implications for STEM Around the World

Seminar Leader: Susan Trammell, Ph.D., Physics and Optical Science, UNC Charlotte
Coordinator: Vashti Mosby, Science, Northridge Middle School

  • Caroline Bonnassiolle, 2nd Grade, S.A.I.L.
  • Dalton Cooper, Math, East Mecklenburg High
  • Debbie Gresham, Dance, Bradley Middle
  • Karyn Hays, 3rd Grade, Davidson K-8 School
  • Genitia Johnson, 1st Grade, Huntingtowne Farms Elementary
  • Beth Kerr, 1st Grade, Bain Elementary
  • Mel Pemberton, English Learners, Olympic High
  • Seon Sloley, Science, Parker Academic Center
  • Jackie Smith, Science, Hough High
  • Bethany Wilson, Chemistry, Harding University High

What is Identity?

Seminar Leader: Sean McCloud, Ph.D., Religious Studies, UNC Charlotte
Coordinator: Johnna Hauck, 5th Grade, Shamrock Gardens Elementary

  • LaShonda Alexander, AVID, Wilson STEM
  • Franchone Bey, English, West Charlotte High
  • Mawuena Dabla, French, Harding University High
  • Rosalyn Dawkins, English, West Mecklenburg High
  • Brittany Knauer, 5th Grade, Piney Grove Elementary
  • Kokou Komlanvi, French, West Charlotte High
  • Iliana Sradkova-Strawn, World History, Independence High
  • Amy Stonehouse, ESL, North Mecklenburg High

Charlotte as Teaching Canvas: Culturally Responsive Classrooms and Equity-Mindsets by Engaging in Local African, Latinx, and Southeast Asian Diasporic Spaces

Seminar Leader: Leslie Gutierrez, Ph.D., Spanish, Johnson C. Smith University
Coordinator: Lynne Wiesecke, 1st Grade, Albemarle Road Elementary

  • Tiara Davis, 8th Grade Science, Wilson STEM
  • Mariella Fernandes, English Learners, Whitewater Middle School
  • Sara Herrera-Dandrid, English Learners, Audrey Kell High School
  • Debbie Kennedy, American History, Berry Academy of Technology
  • Mahogony King, 4th Grade Math, Newell Elementary
  • Wendy Mueller, 3rd Grade, Parkside Elementary
  • Angelica Rodriguez, English Learners, Whitewater Middle
  • Carolyn Simmons, Pre-Kindergarten, Governors’ Village Elementary
  • Mila Ugueto, Spanish, Olympic High
  • Angela Walker, English, West Charlotte High

Carolina Cuisine: Understanding the History and Science behind the Evolution of our Crops and Food

Seminar Leader: Jeff Gillman, Ph.D., Botanical Gardens, UNC Charlotte
Seminar Leader: Ashli Stokes, Ph.D., Communication Studies, UNC Charlotte

Coordinator: Brad Baker, U.S. History, Hough High School

  • Jackie Balmas, 5th Grade, Clear Creek Elementary
  • Krystal Cartus, Science, Wilson STEM Academy
  • Wyounda Horton, English Language Arts, Druid Hill Academy
  • Matt Kelly, Spanish, Independence High
  • Stephanie Kelly, American History, Butler High
  • Jashonai Payne, 4th Grade, Clear Creek Elementary
  • Zach Sanford, Exceptional Children, Hough High
  • Amy Stokes, 3rd Grade, Charlotte East Language Academy
  • Pia Townes, Science, Harding University High
  • Roshan Varghese, History, Butler High
  • Jessica Young, 7th Grade Social Studies/Science, Cochrane Collegiate Academy

Moving to Learn: Experience, Embodiment, and Transformative Teaching

Seminar Leader: Marissa Nesbit, Ph.D., Dance, UNC Charlotte
Coordinator: Esther Alcamo, Music, Collinswood Language Academy

  • Deb Brown, English, Julius Chambers High
  • Andrea Calderon, 3rd Grade, Starmount Academy
  • Dominic Dial, Math, Cochrane Collegiate Academy
  • Judy Duren, Exceptional Children, Mallard Creek High
  • Katelyn Gardepe, 3rd-5th Grade Math, Selwyn Elementary
  • Antiona Green, 4th Grade, Oakhurst STEAM Academy
  • Sonia Stahl, 1st Grade, S.A.I.L.
  • Wendy Tolbert, 2nd Grade, Starmount Academy
  • Danica Wolfe, 5th Grade, Oakhurst STEAM Academy