Teacher Leadership

CMS teachers serve in a number of CTI leadership roles: they recruit and select seminar participants, help faculty prepare for and facilitate seminars, and work side-by-side with the CTI director. Every teacher participating in CTI receives a stipend to cover Institute-associated expenses. The primary CTI Teacher Leader roles are: Steering Committee Members, Seminar Coordinators and School Contacts.

2021 CTI Steering Committee members: Carla Aaron-Lopez, Latonda Mitchell, Mariella Fernandes, Franchone Bey, Deb Jung, Deb Semmler, Jackie Smith, Pam Shembo, Monica High, Teresa Strohl, Jessica Young and Matt Kelly.

CTI Steering Committee

Teacher leaders on the CTI Steering Committee work with the Executive Director to provide important guidance to the Institute and in setting policies and developing seminars and other CTI programs. 2021 Steering Committee Members include:

  • Carla Aaron-Lopez, Visual Art, Whitewater Middle School
  • Franchone Bey, English, West Charlotte High School
  • Mariella Fernandes, ESL, Whitewater Middle School
  • Monica High, Science, Cato Middle College High School
  • Deb Jung, Media Skills, Winding Springs Elementary School
  • Matthew Kelly, Spanish, Independence High School
  • Latonda Mitchell, 5th Grade, Mountain Island Lake Academy 
  • Deb Semmler, Physics, East Mecklenburg High School
  • Pam Shembo, 5th Grade, E.E. Waddell Language Academy
  • Jackie Smith, Science, W.A. Hough High School
  • Teresa Strohl, Visual Art, Elon Park Elementary School
  • Jessica Young, 2nd Grade, Myers Park Traditional Elementary School

2021 Seminar Coordinators

Each seminar has a Seminar Coordinator who works closely with the Institute throughout the application process and handles the administrative responsibilities of the seminar. Coordinators also work with their respective Seminar Leaders as co-facilitators to make sure the seminar appropriately meets the needs of all involved. The 2021 CTI Seminar Coordinators will be announced in late January.

  • Shannon McFarland, Language Arts, Alexander Graham Middle
  • Kimberly Palmer, English, Merancas Middle College High 
  • Caroline Demmett, Kindergarten, Selwyn Elementary School
  • Beth Kerr, 1st Grade, Bain Elementary School
  • Angela Walker, English, West Charlotte High School
  • Dalton Cooper, Math, West Charlotte High School
  • Tim Wells, World History, Mallard Creek High School
  • Esther Alcamo, Music, Collingswood Language Academy 
2020 CTI School Contacts at the Teacher Leadership Meeting Jan. 8 at UNCC Center City

School Contacts

CTI School Contacts are responsible for informing, recruiting and linking interested CMS teachers with the Institute, and providing important feedback and recommendations related to CTI seminars and programs. CTI School Contacts include:

  • Carla Aaron-Lopez, Whitewater Middle School
  • Juan Acosta, Independence High School
  • Tamara Babulski, Independence High School
  • Franchone Bey, West Charlotte High School
  • Debbie Brown, Vance High School
  • Olga Patricia Cancino, Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School
  • Dalton Cooper, West Charlotte High School
  • Kimberli Darling, Cochrane Collegiate Academy/iMeck Academy
  • Rhonda Doe, Barringer Academic Center
  • Jasmine Dozier, Cochrane Collegiate Academy/iMeck Academy
  • Mariella Fernandes, Whitewater Middle School
  • Jacci Fizet, Renaissance West Academy
  • Yasmin Forbes, Mallard Creek High School
  • Jennifer Forrester, Harding University High School
  • Kiera Freeman, Carmel Middle School
  • Katelyn Gardepe, Selwyn Elementary
  • Amber Geckeler, Oakhurst STEAM Academy
  • Whitney Graham, Wilson Stem Academy
  • Karyn Hays, Davidson K-8
  • Monica High, Cato Middle College High School
  • Tina Jones-McDow, Rocky River High School
  • Deb Jung, Winding Springs Elementary
  • Matthew Kelly, Independence High School
  • Elizabeth Kerr, Bain Elementary School
  • Megan Koransky, Bain Elementary School
  • Marybeth Kubinski, CMS Transportation
  • Jennifer Ladanyi, Bailey Middle School
  • Latonda Mitchell, Mountain Island Lake Academy
  • Kimberly Palmer, Merancas Middle College High School
  • Melissa Pratt, North Mecklenburg High School
  • Juanita Razor, Wilson STEM Academy
  • Jimi Rogers, Westerly Hills Academy
  • Emily Rucki, Garinger High School
  • Julie Ruppersberger, Southwest Middle School
  • Zachary Sanford, W.A. Hough High School
  • Deb Semmler, East Mecklenburg High School
  • Pam Shembo, E.E. Waddell Language Academy
  • Lecia Shockley, Curriculum Resource Teacher, Learning & Language Acquisition  
  • Carolyn Simmons, Governors Village STEM Academy
  • Jackie Smith, W.A. Hough High School
  • Diane Strickland, Garinger High School
  • Teresa Strohl, Elon Park Elementary School
  • Pia Townes, Wilson STEM Academy
  • Thelma Uzeta, Providence High School
  • Luz Vanegas, Charlotte East Language Academy
  • Roshan Varghese, David W. Butler High School
  • Kristina White, Oaklawn Language Academy
  • Erika Williams, Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology
  • Shealynn Womble, Governors Village STEM Academy
  • Jessica Young, Myers Park Traditional Elementary