Teacher Leadership

CMS teachers serve in a number of CTI leadership roles: they recruit and select seminar participants, help faculty prepare for and facilitate seminars, and work side-by-side with the CTI director. Every teacher participating in CTI receives a stipend to cover Institute-associated expenses. The primary CTI Teacher Leader roles are: Steering Committee Members, Seminar Coordinators and School Contacts.


2015 CTI Local Steering Committee (left to right): Beth Lasure, Gloria Brinkman, Matt Kelly, Alex Edwards, Torrieann Dooley Kennedy, Miesha Gadsden, Deb Semmler, Cindy Woolery and Connie Wood. Not pictured: Barbara Wesselman.
2016 CTI Steering Committee members (left to right): Miesha Gadsden, Deb Semmler, Julie Ruziska Tiddy, Gloria Brinkman, Teresa Strohl, Matt Kelly, and Connie Wood.

CTI Steering Committee

Teacher leaders on the CTI Steering Committee work with the Executive Director to provide important guidance to the Institute and in setting policies and developing seminars and other CTI programs. 2017 Steering Committee Members include:

2018 Seminar Coordinators

Each seminar has a Seminar Coordinator who works closely with the Institute throughout the application process and handles the administrative responsibilities of the seminar. Coordinators also work with their respective Seminar Leaders as co-facilitators to make sure the seminar appropriately meets the needs of all involved. 2017 CTI Seminar Coordinators and their seminars include:

  • Carla Aaron-Lopez, Art, Whitewater Middle School (“A Person’s a Person No Matter How Small”: Teaching Human Rights)
  • Liz Allard, Science, Cochrane Collegiate Academy (It’s About Time)
  • Franchone Bey, English, West Charlotte High School (Exploring American Sacred Values)
  • Michelle Faggert, Science, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School (The Art and Chemistry of Light)
  • Monica High, Science, Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences (Nurturing Nature: Epigenetics as a Way to Explore Social Justice)
  • Melissa Ligh, English, Vance High School (Insights into Latino Communities in Charlotte Today)
  • Melanie Moore, 3rd Grade, David Cox Road Elementary School (Animals, Culture, and Society)
  • Jessica Young, 2nd Grade, Davidson Elementary School (Writing About Our Lives)

School Contacts

CTI School Contacts are responsible for informing, recruiting and linking interested CMS teachers with the Institute, and providing important feedback and recommendations related to CTI seminars and programs. CTI School Contacts include: