CTI Teacher Steering Committee

This page includes brief statements and links to videos created by individual CMS teachers serving on the CTI Teacher Steering Committee. You will find their reflections to the prompt, “What’s My WHY in CTI?” as they share insights from their significant experiences over many years supporting CTI professional development for CMS teachers.

Jackie Smith (Forensic Science at Hough High and CTI Steering Committee) examines how CTI inspired a unique way to teach forensic science with hands-on learning in the classroom and a bit of creative imagination.

Pam Shembo (5th Grade Teacher at Waddell Language Academy and CTI Steering Committee) tells Fellows to “don’t worry, be happy” as she reflects on the ways CTI has strengthened her teaching and passion for learning.

Deb Semmler (Physics Teacher at East Mecklenburg High and CTI Steering Committee) explores the reasons why CTI as a professional development program has transformed hundreds of teachers over the course of more than 10 years of offering high quality seminars.

Matt Kelly (Spanish Teacher at Independence High and CTI Steering Committee) shares the value and meaning that comes from being part of the university community as a means to engage his high school students to pursue higher education, particularly in the Charlotte area.

Deb Jung (Media Skills Teacher at Winding Springs Elementary and CTI Steering Committee) talks about the rejuvenating quality of Thursday nights because of CTI seminars and the uplifting characteristics of engaging with teachers from all over the district in all subjects areas focused on writing original curriculum for PK-12 students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

Lecia Shockley (Curriculum Resource Teacher at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and CTI Steering Committee) shares about the significant impact that CTI has had on her professional and personal life through connecting core features of CTI’s professional development model with “the pebble and the pond effect” causing a ripple through others’ lives.

Mariella Fernandes (ESL Teacher at Whitewater Middle and CTI Steering Committee) describes the reasons she loves CTI: she talks about the leader skills she developed to help her take a leadership role at her school, she shared about the value of strong, supportive teacher networks that she can rely on, and she attributes increased confidence to CTI seminars.

Jessica Young (4th Grade Teacher at Myers Park Traditional and CTI Steering Committee) shares why CTI is “the best professional development I’ve taken part in” through the combination of features: passion in fellow teachers in the program, university scholars provide intellectual stimulation, and the opportunity to be a “distinguished” teacher while staying in the classroom teaching students every day.