The Harmful Effect the 2016 Presidential Election Has on Immigrant and English Language Learning Students

Audrey Dorante, History, East Mecklenburg HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Since the beginning of the 2016 presidential election, conversations about perceived stereotyping have become more common. I have been asked some very challenging questions by my students. All of my students are immigrants who are aware of how their ethnicity and cultures are perceived by the media. One of the units my students complete in civics and economics specifically deals with diversity and stereotyping. They also complete another unit on political parties and elections. I decided to combine both units given the negative perceptions of various groups portrayed by the media during this presidential election. We look at political campaigns through a historical perspective and view how much the United States has changed over time. We also look at how there is so much work that needs to be done to eliminate stereotyping in all mediums. For this unit, I want to look specifically at how this presidential election effected English language learning students. This lesson will address the following…
– What effect has the 2016 Presidential Election and its outcome had on English Language Learning students at a high school level?
– How has rhetoric and hate speech changed the social climate of the United States and how has it effected ELL students?
– What new fears and concerns have emerged due to the negative ways immigrants have been portrayed?