Mind Over Math: Using Mindfulness to Develop Student’s Math Mindset

Katrisha Paul, Math, Garinger High

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


Through this curriculum unit, students will learn about and experience various mindfulness activities with an overall goal of strengthening student mindset related to math. It is encouraged that the teacher engages in all activities prior to introducing the activity in the classroom in order to become familiar with the feelings evoked and guide students in their own practice. Students’ willingness to perform challenging tasks will be assessed through questionnaires administered before and after each mindfulness activity. Mindfulness activities are to include focus on the breath, sitting, walking, the body, and taking care of our emotions. Through the questionnaires, students will collect data on their moods to use in a culminating math project involving statistics. In the culminating activity the essential question is, is there a correlation between mood and willingness to engage in challenging tasks before and after mindfulness activities? Using technology student will find the correlation coefficients for the data that they have recorded during the previous days’ mindfulness activities.