Keep Calm and Mindfully BE in French

Kathy Melendez, French, E.E. Waddell Language Academy

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


In this unit, “Keep Calm and Mindfully BE in French” sixth grade students will use a variety of culturally relevant texts to learn about the meaning of mindfulness. In addition, the students will explore several mindful practices, reflect on personal data collection, and create resources in the target language to teach others about the benefits of mindfulness. Using the research behind mindfulness, teachers and students will learn how mindfulness relieves stress and positively enhance academic performance and social-emotional health. This unit is an introduction to mindfulness and aims to educate students, parents and administrators about its importance in everyone’s lives. This unit is design to use the target language to help students become more self-aware and learn strategies that will help them cope with daily stressors. Students will participate in a variety of self-reflection and introspection activities that aim to make them more self-aware of their surroundings, their physical and emotional feelings, and learn how to become lifelong mindful learners.