My Mind My Space

Carolyn Simmons, Pre-K, Governors’ Village Stem Academy

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This unit will introduce the students to the benefits of mindfulness awareness and practice to teach children that mindfulness has a space in learning and social emotional development. This unit will provide the students with connections to mindfulness activities and awareness so that they can gain positive skills and control of their educational experiences. We will learn how to identify the importance of social emotional development from lessons and the opportunities to practice mindfulness as a tool to feel accomplished in school and value learning. The focus will be to establish an environment that is stress free and motivates awareness and simplicity. Students will learn how to transition and adjust in a learning environment. I want to take the stress out of the competitive process and allow children to focus on their individual interests and achievements. The students will be able to manage their feelings and identify how they are essential as they practice self-awareness and self-realization in a classroom setting. The students will engage in activities and practices of mindfulness awareness and participate during read aloud to gain literacy base support in this area as well. During the morning meeting, students will participate in mindfulness activities and smooth musical meditation for calmness and support. In the classroom, the cozy area will become a child friendly Zen area. During quiet time, children will have guided meditation or yoga activities to rest and regenerate.