Literacy through Play for Pre-Kindergarten Students

Jacquelyn Fizet, Pre-Kindergarten, David Cox Elementary School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


For this unit students will learn that print carries a message, and how to explore print in all learning domains, in all areas of the classroom. We will be working with the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and bring an inviting literacy component to all areas, math, science, writing, dramatic play, sand and water, small and large group activities. The unit will contain fun and inviting activities that the children will flock to during their center time. By repeated readings of the book through interactive large group activities, and readings the children will be able to retell and sequence the story.

The end result will be that the children will have created a story stick with pictures from the book and will be able to retell the story to family and friends with their story stick. With all these activities and the ability to retell the children will understand that the words in the book they have been studying make up sentences and those sentences make a story. Hopefully with these activities my students will have to confidence to pick up a book and tell the story through pictures and knowledge of the pre readings. Let the fun begin.