With Six Words, Tell a Life

Jennifer M. Ladanyi, Language Arts, Bailey Middle School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit is created around a novel study that we complete in October. The unit was completed by the students as I was writing it. They will read Forged by Fire for standard plus classes and, And Then There Were None for honors students. Students struggle with the characterization of character in a novel. They understand direct characterization because the narrator or author is telling us everything about the character, but they struggle with indirect characterization. Throughout this unit, I have come up with steps to help students figure out the characterization of a student selected character. Students will focus on finding the main idea and relating it back to the character. They will also complete a character bubble map showing the direct and indirect characterization of a self-selected character. Students will complete a character analysis writing test. To complete the unit, student will create a six-word memoir through the eyes of the character that they have been focusing on for the unit.