The Power of the Pen: Writing Narratives in the Perspectives of European Explorers and American Indians

Jessica Cross, Third Grade, Winding Springs Elementary

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


For this unit, students will begin by learning research strategies to gather information on American Indians and European Explorers.  Students will engage in interactive read alouds, while learning and applying components of narrative writing.  Students will be responsible for practicing the daily writing skill with help from their peers and teacher.  Students will engage in sustained write independently for approximately 30 minutes each day and be responsible for their learning through conferences and small strategy groups.

The result will be a final narrative writing through the perspective of one of the two historical groups studied.  Students will use the writing process to publish a story and utilize the technology lab to practice their typing skills.  Then students will share their narratives via a writing celebration in the form of a wax museum.  Students will dress as the character they have written about in their stories.  Guests will visit the classroom to listen to the writing of 5th grade scholars.  Students will be evaluated and evaluate each other with writing, speaking, and listening rubrics.