What’s My Value? Using “Manipulatives” and Writing to Explain Place Value

Amanda Donovan,Second Grade, David Cox Road Elementary School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit focuses on the use of essential and foundational place value concepts that students tend to lack when entering third grade. The purpose of this curriculum unit is to provide students with a deeper understanding of these place value concepts. By allowing students to participate in hands-on performance tasks and written explanations of the work they have completed, students will have a better understanding of the most foundational skills needed to understand place value. This curriculum unit utilizes the concept of Fusing Dots and using them as manipulatives to help students comprehend and explain the following: One- understanding the different “places” in a number and what the value is and means, two-how to represent numbers with manipulatives to add and subtract, and lastly, explain in writing HOW they solved a problem, and WHY the way the problem was solved worked.