Quadratics: Building a Strong Foundation for Understanding Quadratics

Ashley Hay, Mathematics, East Mecklenburg High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


It was very easy to teach quadratics using a traditional methodology. What was not easy was teaching quadratics in such a way that will make it interesting to students and allow students the chance for a deeper understanding. This unit will explore quadratics in a way that is not commonly used. Students normally do not have a lasting understanding when quadratic functions are taught in a traditional manner. Students also do not realize the many different real world situations that quadratic functions can be used to make life much easier. In typical classroom studies students are taught how to solve quadratics, taught how to study the graphs, and perform countless computations. We as teachers speak about moving away from traditionally teaching mathematics and this unit on quadratic functions will offer teachers the chance to have a student centered classroom that will leave a lasting impression on their students. After using this unit, students will have an appreciation for the use of quadratic function and hopefully ignite a fire of learning for some students that think they do not like math or see how it can apply to their lives daily, aside from basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.