To Kill a Mockingbird: Taking A Stand and Letting Your Character Define You

Deena L. Aglialoro, Language Arts, Ranson IB Middle School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


For this unit, students will be learning how to gather evidence to support a claim and defend that claim in an argumentative essay.  While reading the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, students will meet Atticus Finch, the quintessential doomed hero of the story.  As the novel progresses, students will be formulating their opinions on Atticus and the situation that unfolds with Tom Robinson and his court case.  They will be completing various Quick Write homework assignments so that they can begin practicing their writing skills, as well as constructing graphic organizers to keep their thoughts and evidence together before writing their rough draft.


The culminating assessment will be an argumentative essay where they have to “take a stand” and defend their decision to either defend Atticus as a model human being, or criticize him as a weak defense lawyer.