The Narrative of You: Discovering Identities of Young Children by Appreciating Differences in Race, Religion, and Culture

Caroline Demmitt, Kindergarten, Selwyn Elementary

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This comprehensive, project-based curriculum unit spans across an entire school year to help young students understand and appreciate the identities of themselves and others. Students explore the beautiful differences that make themselves and others unique. The Narrative of You unit asks educators and students alike to look at what has shaped him or her and identify their perspectives of the world. Identities of race, religion, culture, and ethnicities are studied to create acceptance and comfort with all people. Educators and their students read diverse works of literature and take part in meaningful conversations about diversity and identity as they work to answer how they relate to and respect others’ differences. In doing so, students will understand their own identities with pride and self-respect. The process of the readings and discussions creates more accepting and aware children who are more likely to become active participants in the greater global community and spark a culture of kindness.