Muslim Contributions to the Development of Modern Mathematics and American Culture

Ashley Robinson, 5th Grade, Briarwood Academy Elementary

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This unit ties the contributions of Muslim and Islamic scholars to the modern mathematics classroom. The unit brings together cultural contributions, mathematics contributions, and art contributions together in a unit where the whole child is taught to interconnect multiple different disciplines. Each lesson in the unit focuses on a math standard from the North Carolina State Standards. While focusing on the math standards students are introduced to Muslim and Islamic culture and traditions. This will take place during the social and emotional learning block. Students will also use the math they are taught to create an individual Islamic art piece that focuses on the using mathematics to create art forms. Patterns, algebra, and geometry will be used to create Islamic style mosaics. This unit will work towards breaking stereotypes that students may have about Muslims and help bridge cultural understandings about a group often viewed as a threat.