My City- From Then to Now: Sequencing the History of Charlotte and its People from the 1550s to the Present

Sheena Burrus, First Grade, Clear Creek Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

Sequencing the history of Charlotte gives students a chance to research the history of the town in which they reside. This curriculum has five different components that give students the chance to explore identifying the city, state, county, and county in which they live; view through pictures and research how Charlotte has changed over the last few centuries; understand how and why surrounding townships developed as well as develop their own township; identify past and present educational opportunities in the area; create their own timeline from research; and explore industry and buildings that helped build Charlotte into the thriving city it is today. Exploring present higher education opportunities in the area allow students to make early decisions about careers and the education they need to obtain that career. This unit also has opportunities for students to use technology in research and to present their findings. There are many teaching strategies identified throughout the unit that teachers may use while teaching this unit as well as teaching other curriculums. Students are able to research work on their level and make connections with what they are learning and present their findings in multiple ways.