Getting High School Students Involved in Voting

Sean Bradley Baker, Civics and Economics, Providence High School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

The purpose of this unit is to get young adults interested in politics. As a teacher in North Carolina, I will present my students with a historical background of Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding region. Students will be engaged in the history and how politics influenced the development of our state. Many of my students are ages 15-17. The purpose is to get them involved in the political process and get them ready to vote when they turn 18. This is an engaging unit that allows students to be involved in the political process of the United States. It allows students to open their mind to the world of politics and voting. It will allow students to engage in the voting process, debates, propaganda, voting, public speaking, and writing. It is a fun and interactive way for the students to learn the objectives needed for Civics. Students will engage in a collaborative learning group with the goal of creating a political party of their own. They will go through the process of campaigning, voting, and electing a class President. Students will engage in their ideals on politics and incorporate it into their surrounding region in hopes of making improvements and getting involved in future elections at all levels.