Philosophical Foundations in Education: This is How We Do It…Philosophy, Policy and Our Isms

Tam Hawk, 6th Grade, Albemarle Road Middle School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


What if? What if students began to question more about the past and the world around them? What if they make more real life connections to what they study in history? To encourage students to think like a philosopher and incorporate the concept of philosophy into our curriculum is a tremendous value. The benefit of having students think more deeply about the world around them and see the connections of the past to the present makes it relevant. We want to engage students and teach them how to have better, more philosophical conversation and use more critical thinking skills. Over the course of this CU on philosophy and its impact on Ancient Civilizations and our own lives, students will have the opportunity to think like a philosopher and to delve deeper into the impact of different philosophers and philosophies and on the daily lives of ancient peoples and features of their society. Students will have the opportunity to learn about more modern day philosophies and the effect on our society. Finally, students can look at who they are and what philosophies that they live by or would like to live by in their daily lives.