Discovering the Disconnect of the Value of Education for Students of Color: Introducing a Classroom of Inquiry

Priscilla Anderson-Prepetit, 8th Grade, Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This CU gives scholars the capacity to freely express and explore their own personal thoughts and ideas. The foundational premise of this unit is why I should not be labeled because I am poor; but entitled to an education for it is my natural birthright. The overarching question for the unit is what is the intrinsic value of Education for Black & Brown scholars or is there a disconnect? To dive into this question and premise the philosophical approaches such as the Community of Philosophical Inquiry and Critical Thinking will be implemented throughout the lessons. Lessons and activities include philosophical guided discussions that connect with similar themes revolving around poverty and being stereotyped. Upon completion scholars will have created a Philosophical Notebook of journal entries and a Literacy Binder. Scholars will ultimately have had the chance to gain understanding and reasoning without the pressure of having a final answer to solve a problem and know that it is acceptable.