“Bee” a Climate Conscious Citizen – Taking Care of our Climate, Classroom and Community

Amy Mateer, Kindergarten, Selwyn Elementary School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


In this unit, early elementary students begin to have academic conversations with the guidance of their teachers regarding elements of climate change. Through read-aloud books, conversations, activities and a culminating task where students will create their own climate promise to be put on a bumblebee and incorporated within a handprint earth created
by the class. This unit aligns with the North Carolina Science and Social Studies standards on structures and functions living organisms along with geographical and environmental literacy. This unit is a three part unit focusing on climate change coping strategies about feelings, taking action and meaning focus – or what we can do to be part of a solution regarding climate change. Student will learn about climate change, the importance of bees and create their own climate solution or promise. As a culminating projects students using a parachute from the Mother Earth Project, students will create the earth out of their handprints and place their “bees” with their climate promises around the parachute.