Moving Towards Mindfulness: Social Emotional Regulation through Movement

Taylor Woods, 6th Grade, Whitewater Middle School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


Building community and empathy in the classroom culture is essential for
building the identity of sixth graders. This curriculum provides opportunities to build a classroom culture that allows for further social emotional learning and practices that can be carried throughout the year. Three weeks of lessons are included in this unit that home in on the importance of community, how to build student confidence, identity, and self-awareness, and how to encourage empathy within the classroom and in the greater communities of our students. As humans, we use both physical and cognitive in all our perceptions and reactions. It would be a mistake to neglect using the holistic person to learn about social-emotional learning and self-awareness. Each lesson in this unit emphasizes forms of embodied teaching and learning in ways that allow students to connect their minds and bodies.