It’s A Southern Thing, a Literacy Celebration

Jacquelyn Fizet, Kindergarten, Highland Renaissance Academy

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


For this unit students will learn that print carries a message and should be an engaging “fiction or a nonfiction text. This unit will focus on a literacy aspect of southern writing and southern culture through picture books. We will be working with fiction and possibly nonfiction texts, comparing, and contrasting what is real and what is not may not be accurate when it comes
to cultural readings in the southern states. I will be bringing engaging literature components to reading, writing, possibly dramatic play, small and large group activities. The unit will contain fun and inviting activities that the children will flock to during their center time. By repeated
readings of the books through interactive large group activities, and readings, the children will be able to retell a true-to-life version of the lives the characters lived. One result of this unit will be that the children will have a better understanding of southern cultures, what it means and how to respect each other for who we are. Let the fun begin.