Incorporating the Local with the National: Using Digital Mapping to Explain Neighborhood Injustices Committed against Minorities

Andrew Bartkowiak, African American Studies, Northwest School of the Arts

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This Curriculum Unit Aims to inform students about the historical injustices and atrocities faced by African Americans as it pertains to housing. The Unit will begin with a broad overview of the types of injustices African Americans faced in relation to housing. Activities will include reading of The Color of Law, discussions and map analysis around redlining, Racial covenants, blockbusting, Urban Renewal and gentrification. The Unit will conclude with students connecting the past with the present by using digital mapping to make connections as to how injustices of the past have influenced these communities today, and in the future. The hope is that students will then chart a path forward to take informed action, and take a stand against these injustices.