Embodied linguistics and “Papel Picado” in the Spanish I class

Milagros Ugueto, Spanish, Independence High School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


In this unit, students of Spanish I will learn about school related aspects of the target language and their own, where they spend their time at school and culture including: music and traditions through lessons embedded in the Spanish I curriculum. Comprehensible Novice low level lessons will be introduced in order to promote students proficiency towards upper levels of understanding and cultural awareness. Embodied linguistics combined with the Mexican culture and the meaning of the traditional “papel picado,” will be the frame for students to experience language in real contexts while teachers of Spanish will be able to teach this unit with a sense of immersion right where they teach, using the elements they already have at CMS. This unit aligns with the North Carolina World Languages Standards on linguistics and communication in a cultural environment, and with the goal of serving students to be college ready when exiting high school. The summative assignment requires students to create original journal entries based on their daily life experiences at school; their class subjects, interactions with teachers and classmates, focusing on the language in action in the real context.