This is Me

Rhonda Doe, Kindergarten, Barringer Academic Center

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This is Me is a unit designed to allow students to express themselves through poetry. The content covered in this unit will focus on the areas of Social Studies, Literacy, and Writing. Students will learn about citizenship throughout the curriculum. They will use literary skills to create a collection of poems that describe their lives, culture and experiences. Students will apply their writing skills and knowledge of poems to create their own works for others to see. The unit will offer a collection of writings and drawings that students can use as a reference to assist them in telling their own stories. For example, some students may share how their lives have changed since coming to a new country, while others may choose to share their experiences of being born and raised in the United States, and whether their perceptions of the country are positive or negative overall. Being able to share this voice in Kindergarten helps mold students to become cultural patriots who are equipped to represent themselves or others who they feel are being mistreated. This unit will also allow Kindergarten students a chance to become leaders as they grow socially and emotionally, while also supporting their overall well-being and sense of self.