Head Coverings: Analyzing Adaption of Identity via History, Representation, and Stereotypes

Sharonda Walker, English, Garinger High

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


How has the wearing of head coverings evolved in response to the negative association of intimidation and fear by the media? As educators we are charged with the responsibilities of contributing to open minded life learners and critical thinkers. Students must be introduced to analyzing, challenging, and researching information given with the intent of constructing an authentic narrative based also on their experience. I believe teenagers tackle the struggle of being misunderstood much like Muslims in this country. The media and stereotypes play a major role in the fixed mindsets about people of different races, religion groups, or different nationalities. This unit will expose how identity can be shaped by stereotypes and perceptions leading to the developments of negative and false narratives. This unit will also share positive narratives about people of different races, religious groups, and different nationalities encouraging a growth mindset, empathy, and open-mindedness towards narratives that are unfamiliar. Lastly, this unit will boost students’ confidence, enhance their national and international cultural knowledge, provide practice with numerous English I and II skills, and contribute to student being college ready by meeting NC Language Arts Standards. This unit is designed for a semester class during 2020-2021.