Music and Poster as propaganda in World War I

Billye Ballard, 5th Grade, Mountain Island Lake Academy

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This curriculum unit is intended to introduce students in elementary school to a brief history of World War I and the use of various types of propaganda. They will study two forms of communication used propaganda during this time period, music and posters. Music was primarily played in homes and places of entertainment. Posters were displayed in in various places to gain the attention or influence public opinion. By studying the propaganda used in these types of media, students will gain a greater understanding of the impact music and art can have on a society. Students will have the experience of critically analyzing various examples of propaganda. This should lead them to understand that propaganda was of providing Americans with the right information that would encourage their decision making. The power of propaganda is only limited to the influence that individuals are willing to accept. It is important that students realize that one song or piece of art can speak different messages to individuals. It is worth questioning if the information received was the original intent.