Black Girl Magic: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow… Representation and Eternalism of Black Girl Magic

Tasha Sherrill, Business, Ardrey Kell High

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


The focus of this unit takes on basic foundations of business and allows students to springboard into the unknown based on their ideas and creativity at this present time during this school year. As we have been in un precedented times over the past eight months, we have witnessed political, social, economic and personal unrest and challenges. While technology has been a constant for most during this time, some businesses have faltered while others have thrived, and some businesses have taken on variations or portions of what use to be in their particular business while other businesses have been invented, taken flight and allowed families and individuals to thrive beyond expectations. Thus the explanation for this compilation of units in Principles of Business and Finance that stem from Black women inventors and the contributions to our society and that have helped the world we live in evolve into what it is today. The units are centered around communication, information technology, professional development, operations, economics, financial analysis, marketing and business management. There are seven units in the POBF curriculum, and I have decided to include each unit for this seminar. I want the curriculum unit to be all encompassing as the course itself is a foundations of business course and I thought it could be even more meaningful and impactful to include a piece from each unit. Each unit will be detailed individually, but ultimately culminate in an all-encompassing business project for high school students.