HerStory: The Untold Stories of African American Women in History

Veronica Hall, Social Studies, Cochrane Collegiate Academy

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This unit will focus on the untold stories of African American women and their contributions to the American landscape. Why are these women not a part of mainstream history? Why do we as Americans only think to celebrate and recognize the contributions of African Americans to our nation only for twenty eight days out of the year? African American history is American history. This unit’s purpose is to show the vast contributions African American women have contributed to history and the importance of these women in shaping history. We can no longer pretend that the history of this country is all about the accomplishments of white men. We do a disservice to our students of all races, but especially African American girls, by not teaching them about the exceptional contributions of African American women. This unit will hopefully give students an opportunity to learn about women in history that made their mark on America.