Who Builds the Community of Readers in Pre-K

Carolyn Simmons, Pre-K, Governors’ Village STEM Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit will introduce children to reading and literacy in the rim of school and their community. I will show that the child can access and identify phonemic awareness and the role of print in the world. This unit will encourage and engage the parental engagement component and participation with literacy, make the connection of literacy, and develop the appreciation for literacy and reading in many genres and cultural aspects. We will learn how important books are to our learning and who to connect to books in the classroom and the home. We will focus on how to establish book and print awareness, and identify that letters and numbers are associated to reading. Children will engage in many learning activities in learning centers to support the awareness and connection to literacy. The children will make connections to reading with their family. They will understand how they read in their community. In learning the importance of literacy, the children will create a book with their family as present the book in the author’s chair / tea celebration. The created books will became a part of the classroom library to share with others and build the classroom library. The opportunity to introduce the importance of reading and literacy to Pre-K children and their families will give a strong foundation to reading and allow the children to see them self in books and discover how reading in infused in the city spaces where they live. This unit can become instrumental and will used in the beginning of the year units of study for the CMS Bright Beginning Program.