Children in City Spaces: Exploring Charlotte through the Eyes of Creative Writers

Gia Wright, English, Rocky River High

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Since getting to know the creative writing students at Rocky River High School, it is evident that they see little opportunity for their future in the city of Charlotte. There is a resounding belief that success and opportunity exist only outside of the city. Since moving to Charlotte five years ago, I have learned about monumental people in Charlotte who are building prosperous lives within the same realm students believe may be a dead end. In addition, my creative writers have also shared a desire to express their passions and their perspectives of the world, but many of them have never had the opportunity to do so without being reprimanded or judged for their how they perceive their environment. This curriculum is designed to help students express their city life experiences while also exploring the lives of others that have impacted the Charlotte community. Since working at Rocky River, I have come to realize that my students are not only restricted regarding what they say to share their experiences, but they are also limited in their experiences as a result. Students will get the chance to study the history of education in Charlotte and learn how systems of power have either contributed or have been a detriment to their quality of life. The final product will be a realistic fictional story that takes place in the historical sites of Brookhill or West Charlotte communities.