The Search for Identity: Understanding Privilege and Black Invisibility

Kimberly Palmer, English, Merancas Middle College

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit focuses on the search for identity as a racial minority in society. Specifically, the texts in this unit explore the idea of white privilege and the minority struggle of individual and group identity. Students will read texts that further explore the idea of white privilege and the role it plays. Students will read texts that break down and analyze white privilege and its effects on societal standards and ideas. They will read and analyze the opinions of both racial minorities and white people, that take advantage of and have been affected by white privilege. Students will also take a dive into the intrinsic generational idea of colorism that, at times, ties into white privilege. In order to complete this unit successfully, students will need to have a firm grasp on how to decipher various themes presented in a text and the deeper meaning behind them. The activities in the unit will enable students to analyze numerous texts and make connections among details, ideas, and events, while always supporting them with textual information. The goal of the unit is to challenge preconceived notions made about white privilege in society. Lastly, the culminating activity will require students to examine and explain what they believe to be their identity and what privilege they may possess. They will be creating a digital multimedia narrative as a presentation of their argument.