Stranger Things? The World We Know but Ignore: White Privilege and “Being Normal”

Latonda Mitchell, 5th Grade, Mountain Island Lake Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Stranger Things? The worlds we know but ignore: White Privilege and “Being Normal” is created to help teachers and students have crucial conversations in school settings about race, white privilege, and its existence within the school settings. The focus of this unit is on white privilege and as Maria Lugones says, “the different worlds that operate in our society.”[i] Students in fifth grade are going to analyze the impact of race relations on the development of our nation through modern times and discover the creation of a majority race for power and privileges. Through this unit, students will get the chance to have authentic discussions on race and develop their own plan to cope instead of hope for change.

[i] Lugones, María. “Playfulness, “World”-Travelling, and Loving Perception.” Hypatia 2, no. 2 (1987): 3-19.