Math- The Write Way

Katelyn Gardepe, 4th Grade, Selwyn Elementary

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit focuses on the ability to write in mathematics versus the ability to write about mathematics. “Math-The Write Way!” is an opportunity for teachers to embrace writing in the math curriculum and enhance the conceptual learning of their students. The unit will focus around 40 weeks of problem solving in the form of a MPOW (Math Problem of the Week). Students will complete one MPOW in the classroom each week with the help of classmates and a modified Talk Frame1 completed by the class. Students will write in various ways to explain their thinking and add to the thinking of their peers. At home, students will complete a similar MPOW using their own thoughts and ideas, as well as the conceptual understanding they have gained from the class discussion. The intent of this unit is to encourage mathematical writing in the classroom, as well as to prove its effectiveness in enhancing learning outcomes.