The Write Time in Math

Karyn Hays, 3rd Grade, Davidson Elementary

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


How does a teacher gauge how deeply a student has comprehended a math concept?  Did the student truly understand and make a connection to the concept they explored or did they learn a few tricks for computation and “buzz words” they could identify on a multiple-choice test? There is research and evidence that if a student can actively participate in group discussion, fluently, use the associated vocabulary, and write accurately about the application of a skill, then they probably have made true connections and mastered the concept. The goal of this unit is to provide a variety of student-led talk and writing opportunities for elementary students to explore the concept of Area. In these integrated writing and math lessons students will write for a variety of purposes, all focused on standards of Area. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the vocabulary, computation and, knowledge of Area and how they can apply it in realistic word problems.