Honoring My Roots: Afro-Latino Culture and Identity in the Americas

By Jolane Latten, Math, Northridge Middle School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


The objective of this curriculum unit is to educate my students on early and modern Afro-Latino history, culture and identity in America. Although I will not be able to cover all of the Afro-Latino cultures, I will focus on the history, culture and identity of Afro-Latino lives of people in the Americas. This curriculum unit will take 4-6 weeks and it will include reading, writing, technology integration, presentation and research skills to show mastery of the objectives taught. The lessons will be differentiated to meet the needs of all abilities of honor, standard, inclusion and ELL students. The main goal of the unit is to connect student’s real-life experiences to the curriculum and generate genuine interest and appreciation for Afro-Latino history, culture and all other nationalities of people in their school and neighborhood communities