Animal Mummification: Rituals, Religion and the Art of Wrapping

By Natalie C. Jones, Visual Arts, West Charlotte Senior High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit (CU) will explore the many layers of animal mummification in ancient Egypt. In this CU, I plan to research why animals were mummified, the religious implications of mummification, the scientific component, and examining the fabrication of the process. I have a background in visual arts and more specifically, textiles and textile history, and I will be looking at the wrappings from an artistic aesthetic and creative viewpoint. Students will be focusing on experimentation through creative expression and journaling.

This curriculum unit will be addressing three key questions: How did ancient Egyptians create animal mummies? What were some of the key reasons as to why animals were mummified? How were the linens dyed, wrapped and preserved during the mummification process? The discussion questions will be helpful in getting students to understand that animal mummification and express their thoughts and ideas as it pertains to this ancient process.