Describing Time

Joshuah McGinnis, Art, Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit encourages students to question and embrace their relationship with time. It is the goal that students will be able to take ownership of their own time through the explicit teaching of how to plan out a long term project through backwards mapping.  They will also learn through the reading/annotation of nonfiction articles about why time is measured the way it is and compare/contrast the different ways that different cultures view time. Finally, students will read excerpts from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ 100 Years of Solitude and grapple with the way that time in the novel is both repetitive like a circle and moving forward like an arrow. Over the course of the unit, students will learn the structure of a reflective essay as well as how to position their writing within a certain time period of their life by intentionally writing in specific tenses.