How do we use chemistry to enhance our physical appearances on a daily basis? How would you react?

Josh Trujillo, Science, W.A. Hough HS

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Science should be accessible for all students, but some students are deterred due to perceiving themselves as incapable of doing science or not seeing science as important. To help a wider range of students see how chemistry impacts their lives, students will look into how chemistry is used in a cosmetic manner. Topics will cover a range of North Carolina chemistry standards. Each topic can easily fit into these standards to enhance the chemistry units. These activities can be used to differentiate based on interest (to engage students that are not typically interested in chemistry) or to give students a real-world application of chemistry. Topics will include: hair products, chemical skin peels, hair removal, skin lightening, and more. The purpose of this curriculum unit is to help students see how chemicals plays an active role in day-to-day beauty routines.